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I’ve decided to start writing a blog to not only assist others on their journeys into self-help and self-discovery, but to help myself in mine as well. As someone who has struggled with addiction and mental health, it is a never-ending journey, but one that continuously brings incredible rewards. Becoming a better human being each and every day is the goal.

After all these years, I want to express my opinions, share my experiences, and explore the knowledge I have gained from the information I have come across. This will allow me to distill my knowledge and understanding into clear and concise words.

Each month or so I will be releasing a new article aimed at a single issue or experience. Please note that these are the opinions or experiences of me alone, unless otherwise stated. I do not claim to be any wiser or better than the next person, I simply want to share these things with you, the reader. I realize that the more I learn, the more I there is to learn, and I continue to look at things with an open mind. My opinions may also change when new information is learned, new studies are released, new conversations had. I want to stay open – not opinionated and close-minded.

Feedback is always welcome, as well as your opinions and experiences, as I will always look to be proven wrong with the ideas I present in order to deepen my understanding.

Thank you in advance to all those who come across this, and to all those who have stayed for the journey with me.

Mark Gray, Addiction Counsellor

Latest Posts

addiction mental health journey five

A Personal Journey Through Addiction & Mental Health

Part Five 8-minute read time. Education It’s interesting for me to compare my young school years with my current state of mind. Back then, I couldn’t care any less about my education, or even being present at school. It was of little interest to me. I graduated only because of the adults around me that…

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addiction mental health story three

A Personal Journey Through Addiction & Mental Health

Part Three 6-minute read time. I was excited, but nervous, to leave treatment. For 45 days I was surrounded by doctors, nurses, counsellors, and other clients. For 45 days I was safe from most triggers, had assistance when I felt cravings, and had a strict routine. I didn’t have to think much about what or…

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