A Nova Scotia & Newfoundland Addiction Counselling Service.

We must understand that change is extremely difficult, and patience is imperative.

We emphasize connection, engagement, safety and control; autonomy is incredibly important in solving one’s problems and people have the right to control their own bodies and make their own decisions.

Newfoundland addiction counselling service

Currently, Black & Gray is only offering online counselling. Due to the pandemic, we have decided to use digital or phone-based services to ensure the safety of our clients. Even though we are a Nova Scotia & Newfoundland addiction counselling service, we are also available for clients throughout Canada.

In our one-on-one support for clients, Black & Gray Addiction Support utilizes a number of counselling models including, narrative therapy, Gestalt therapy, and motivational interviewing. Both Andrew & Mark are passionate about improving our clients’ quality of life using these and other counselling models. We use a wholehearted, client-centred approach, with no predetermined outcomes. Our primary objective is to keep people engaged. 

Black & Gray Addiction Support uses the Substance Use Management (SUM) model for clients with substance abuse issues, which emphasizes the belief that the human spirit we all have is more powerful than the human destruction we are all capable of showing. No matter how far into drug abuse a person is, their basic humanity is never completely lost. We want to not only guide the improvement of the drug problem, but also assist in the recovery of lost humanity and dignity. This practice helps to leave behind the oppressive role of abstinence-based treatment systems, and offers hope for the development of the clients’ ability to meet goals.

To contact us, see the information below or fill out our online form on our ‘Contact‘ page. For additional programming in Atlantic Canada, please see our ‘Service Partners‘ page.

Find us at iTreatment Addiction & Mental Health Services

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