The following are our Newfoundland and Nova Scotian Service Partners.

HepNS + Black & Gray

Nova Scotian Service Partners

Black & Gray Addiction Support has teamed up with HepNS to offer their clients one-on-one and group counselling free of charge.

Each client will receive 8 sessions over an 8-week period of time, either in-person or online. In addition to individual sessions, Black & Gray Addiction Support will be facilitating two sets of 6-week groups that will focus on key areas in addiction and mental health.

Please contact HepNS at (902) 210-6168, or visit for more information. This service is available in Nova Scotia only.


Nova Scotian Service Partners

iTreatment is a collaboration of professionals whose mission is to provide accessible and affordable addiction counselling, mental health therapy and holistic health services. 

All programming is available online, removing barriers to treatment and creating a higher level of confidentiality. 

The iTreatment Addiction team consists of qualified professionals, some of whom have had many years of personal experience in both addiction and recovery.

iTreatment is proud of having one of the most individualized and thorough treatment plans available. Our programs can be designed for the entire family, which allows everyone access to the same services and treatment information. As a result, this allows the entire family an opportunity to heal while remaining in their homes, minimizing cost and further disruptions to life. It has been shown that working with the entire family greatly increases the chance of success.

iTreatment specializes in substance and behavioural addictions including:

  • Alcohol & Drug 
  • Sex
  • Gambling
  • Love and Intimacy 

Please contact Adam Lewis at if you are interested in learning more about the iTreatment program. You can find out more about iTreatment at

This is not only a Newfoundland and Nova Scotian addiction recovery service, but is open to all Canadians. Financing options are also available through Medicard.

Atlantic Canada Recovery Partners

Join iTreatment’s Recovery Coaching Group on Thursday nights! 

Each week we focus on a different area of life and recovery, and work to build skills to empower you on your journey to improve your life. 

This group is for 16-weeks, covering everything from boundaries, emotions, relationships, relapse prevention, a 12-step educational series, and much more. 

Contact us, or Adam Lewis of iTreatment at to sign up. 

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