At Black & Gray Addiction Support we respectfully and collaboratively assist in the improvement of our clients’ quality of life. We are an Atlantic Canadian addiction recovery support service, but are available for Telehealth services across Canada.

Our role is to focus on the outcome of a clients own view of success, offering a wide variety of options for improvement while allowing the client the freedom to select the options they choose to work on, at the intensity they desire. We make no condemnation about a persons choices in substance consumption, but rather seek to assist people in fulfilling their own desires for life improvement and satisfaction. Black & Gray is a wholehearted client-centred practice, where success is not gauged by the amount of “days sober”, but by the improvement in quality of life.

Having experienced inpatient treatment programs ourselves after long standing battles with addiction and mental health, we understand just how difficult the process can be, from start to finish. Our goal is to offer everyone compassionate and accessible services at affordable rates. The health and wellness of individuals should not be something that is out of reach due to financial barriers. We will work with our clients to ensure the their needs can be met.

In addition to our private practice, we have partnerships across Atlantic Canada with HepNS and iTreatment Addiction & Mental Health Services. Please check out our ‘Service Partners‘ page for more information.

Canadian Addiction Recovery Support

“Addiction has biological, chemical, neurological, psychological, medical, emotional, social, political, economic and spiritual underpinnings. To get anywhere near a complete picture we must keep shaking the kaleidoscope to see what other patterns emerge.”

Dr. Gabor Maté

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